Wednesday, 12 November 2008

On Rihanna


Read, listen and record a podcast

  1. Read your classmates' posting on their favourite groups and singers.
  2. Chose one that you think you have the most to say about (it could be because you like them too or because you think they are really bad). Pay particular attention to what your classmate has said about why the group/singer has been successful.
  3. Go to Podomatic
  4. Log in with the login I've given you
  5. Click on My Podcast
  6. Click on Post New Episode
  7. Click on Record with your webcam or microphone
  8. Click on Record and talk about what you think is interesting about the group or singer and say whether you think they deserve the success they have had.
  9. Preview what you have recorded and click on Next step
  10. Give the episode a title e.g. Ann on the Beatles
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  20. Write the word "podcast" and create a link (clicking on the chain icon) to your podcast episode.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Everything about James Blunt

James Blunt, whose real name was James Hillierd Blount, was born in Tidworth, England, in 1974. He is an English acoustic folk singer and came to fame with his song `You`re beautiful.
He has loved flying since he was a child so when he was 16 he got a flying licence. He started a successful military career by serving four years in the Armed Forces. Another of his hobbies was skiing, he also became a successful skier. In fact, he became the champion of the Entire Royal Armoured Corps.
Blunt was also interested in music so he finally left the Army in October 2002 after having served six years so that he could pursue his musical career. After one year he published his first album `Back to Bedlam`, which includes his great hit `You`re beautiful`. He sold lots of albums, won lots of prizes and became known all over the world.
From this time to now he has published another album called All the Lost Souls, which is inspired in Ibiza`s Pachá disco, and which was a great hit too.
During 2008, he has been promoting this new album all over the world.

James Blunt has came to fame due to his song You´re beautiful`because it`s a romantic and emotive song which all the people (specially girls) love. But he has continued selling CDs because he is a great singer with a brilliant voice. And I hope he will write some more hits like the last ones.


Nickelbak is a famous Canadian rock band, which belongs to the modern post-grunge genre as 3 doors down and Daughtry. The band was named after a famous phrase that Mike Kroeger , a member of the band, used to say when he worked for Starbucks "Here's your nickel back".

In 1996 they started just by doing a seven track release but in a short time they managed to record their first full-length album called Curb. At the beginning they used to play on local radio stations and parties, but in 2001 their third album Silver Side up was a great success peaking them at the first position of the American and Canadian charts at the same time. Since that moment they started to be rally famous all over the world. In 2002 they released The long road, the lead single was Someday. Finally, in 2005 All the right reasons produced five U.S hot 100 top 20 singles: Photograph, Saving me, Far away, If everyone cared and Rock start.

Nickelback is also well kown because they have managed to keep their on the ground , they still going out exactly with the same friends they used to. Their albums always have really catchy songs, so that is why i think they have such a great success.


Basshunter is the pseudonym of Jonas Erik Altberg. He was born on December 22, 1984, in Halmstad, Sweden. Basshunter is a musician and DJ and he describes his own music as eurodance. He has become famous for songs like "Boten anna" or "Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA".

Jonas lived near a famous Swedish beach with his parents and his younger brother. He released his first album, The Bassmachine, in 2004, by the name of "Busshunter", through his own home page. After some time publishing his music on the Internet, he started to get phone calls from some clubs that wanted to hire him as a DJ. He signed his first contract with Warner Music in 2006, releasing his first single, "Boten Anna". His song became a hit in Scandinavia and it was the first ever Swedish language song to reach number one on the Dutch Top 40 Chart. His album LOL was a success and launched him into the forefront of dance music. In 2007 he rewrote "Boten anna" with the tittle of "Now you are gone" to become popular between the English audience. Afterwards the song stayed for 5 weeks on the UK Singles Chart.

Throughout 2007, Basshunter worked on "Now you're gone: The album". After, he released "Please don't go" which is an English re-recording of "Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA".

I think he has succeeded because he has a different style, that's not so usual. His music is very popular with young people and in the pubs and discos because it's great to dance and to have a good time to.

Simple Plan

At first, Simple Plan was formed by friends Pierre Bouvier, "Chuck" Comeau, Phillipe Jolicoeur, and Andrian White in 1993, but it was named "Reset" instead. They went on tour around Canada with popular groups like Face to Face, but only as curtain raisers.

But later, Comeau met up with two old friends: Jeff Stinco and Sébastien Lefebvre who were in separate bands and they created Simple Plan all together. Meanwhile, Reset recorded a second CD, No Limits, and in 1999, Comeau and Bouvier met again at a Sugar Ray concert and Bouvier also left Reset to join Comeau. David Desrosiers replaced Bouvier in Reset, but when asked to join the foursome, he left the band too six months later. This allowed Bouvier, who had doubled as the band's vocalist and bassist, to concentrate on the singing.

The origin of the band´s name is a bit strange. They thought that the band was their simple plan to avoid getting a real job, so when they saw the film "A Simple Plan" it all became clear to them.

I think they have succeeded because they love music and we can see it in all of their songs, moreover, their lyrics are so easy to remember and to sing, so everyone who hears them will enjoy them.

[..James Blunt..]

James Blunt was born on the 22nd of February in 1974 in England. He´s a solo singer and he writes his own lyrics. The style of the songs is a mix of pop, rock and folk. He performs a variety of instruments, including piano and guitar.

This young singer has already won two BRIT Awards and two Ivor Novello Awards, and was nominated in 2006 for five Grammy Awards. "All The Lost Souls", his second album, was certified gold in 2007, he has become very popular in a short amount of time.

Before he started his singing career he was an officer in the Life Guards, a reconnaissance regiment of the British Army, and served under NATO in Kosovo during the conflict in 1999. Here he was introduced to the work of a humanitarian group known for its emergency medical care in regions which are in conflict. That´s why in his concerts he always says the names of some organisations of Charity.

Now he is living in Ibiza where he has writen many of his second album´s songs. He started writing songs at the age of 14, when he was introduced to the guitar by a fellow student, but then he started studying Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering .Some years later he was commissioned subaltern. He gave up with 28 years old and started singing.

I really like James Blunt, I think that he has became popular because his songs are felt by everyone. Every song is a different story where he shows his most intimate feelings and I like it.
Is one of the best singers of this century for a big part of the world.


This group was formed in 1960 by John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. It was one of the bands which lead the British Invasion when British music entered the USA.They have been one of the most popular groups of all time and as the Rolling Stone magazine said they were the number one.

Their first record was Please Please Me and it predicted their short but successful career during which they would record twelve albums more which were the most sold in the States according to the Record Industry Association of America with more than one billion sales.

The band split up in 1970 and all of them started a solo career, where some of the new albums like Imagine made them much more money, until Lennon was killed in New York in 1980 and George Harrison died of a cancer in 2001. The others still are alive and known all over the world because everybody has heard something about McCartney´s divorce.

I think they they have succeeded because their music was different from all the others and because the lyrics where all adapted to real life, because there isn´t anybody who cannot speak about a submarine or yesterday, and everybody who wants to listen to the music.

system of a down

System of a down or abbreviated SOAD is a rock band that was formed in 1994. the band have made 5 albums since 1998 and they have won 3 Grammy award nominations.
It has liberal political views expressed in their songs.

System of a Down released their debut album, ''System of a Down'' after it comes "Toxicity " and"Aerials."From 2004 to 2005, the group produced a double album, Mezmerize / Hypnotize with the two parts released six months apart. In 2001, the band went on tour with Slipknot in the United States.

System of a Down's music was difficult to describe.This style mixes elements and influences from a wide variety of genres such as alternative rock, punk rock, folk music, psychedelic rock, classic metal, symphonic metal, thrash metal, funk metal and progressive rock. Even some electronic influences can be heard in songs such as "Old School Hollywood" and this has made them difficult to categorize.

The Current members of the band are:
Daron Malakian – vocals, lead guitar (1994 - 2006; hiatus)
Serj Tankian - lead vocals; occasional keyboard and rhythm guitar (1994 - 2006; hiatus)
Shavo Odadjian – bass, backing vocals (1994 - 2006; hiatus)
John Dolmayan – drums, percussion (1997 - 2006; hiatus)

The Former members are:
Ontronik "Andy" Khachaturian – drums, percussion (1994 – 1997), vocals.(This was before he left the band.)

I think that they have succeeded because their songs have a message and a lot of people see eye to eye with them and also because the rhythm is very attractive for young people so I think it is a very interesting group.


Bob Dylan´s real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman.
Dylan's lyrics has a lot of political, social, philosophical , and literary influences. He has made music in many different styles from folk, blues and country to gospel, rock and roll, rockabilly,and even jazz and swing.Dylan also plays many different instruments like the guitar, piano and harmonica; and sometimes he mixed them.

Dylan has won many awards for his songwriting, performing, and recording:Grammy, Golden Globe, and Academy Awards, and he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2008, he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation.

Dylan was very important in the civil rights movement, singing together at the March on Washington on August 28, 1963

On July 29, 1966, the brakes on Dylan's motorcycle locked on a road near his home, throwing him to the ground. Though the importance of his injuries were never fully public importance , Dylan said that he broke several vertebrae in his neck. Mystery isn´t still clear since because no ambulance was called to the scene and Dylan was not hospitalized.

In my opinion Bob Dylan has been and is successful because his lyrics are against the government .His fans liked more his point of view than his music so we can say that bob Dylan´s music in not commercial.

(( RIHANNA ! /naia&amaia//

Rihanna's birth name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She was born on the 20Th of February, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados.
She studied at the primary school Charles F. Broome Memorial in Barbados, and then in the Combermere School, where she formed a musical trio with two of her classmates.
In 2003, when she was 15, one of her friends introduced her to Evan Rogers, a record producer. Evan and his wife helped her to record songs and to send them to recording companies.
One of her song was sent to Jay-Z, who helped her signing a contract with Def Jam Recordings company.

In 2004, she won the Miss Combermere Beauty Pageant and performed in the Colours of Combermere School Show.

Her first album, Music of the Sun, was brought out in August 30, 2005 in the United States, with two singles. With the first single "Pon de replay" the album reached the top 10 in both US and Canadian charts. Selling 500,000 units in US 2 million units in other countries, she won the gold and the platinum disks.
The second single "If It's Lovin' That You Want" was less successful than "Pon de Replay", but it became a hit reaching number 36 in the top 40 USA.

Rihanna's second album, A Girl Like Me, was brought out in April 2006; just eight months since her first album. The lead single, "SOS", was used in an advertisment for Nike. In total, Rihanna has had eleven number-ones on the Billboard charts.

Rihanna went into the studio in early 2007 to record her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad with Ne-Yo, Stargate, and Timbaland and some others. The album was brought out in June 5, 2007.

The album got eight hit singles, including "Umbrella", number one in various countries and the number one single in the UK for 10 consecutive weeks which was an all time record.

She has so far sold approximately 11 million albums all over the world. This makes her the female solo artist with the most number ones this decade.

Rihanna has worked for H&M and other celebrities like Timbaland and Good Charlotte for "Fashion against AIDS". Rihanna created her Believe Foundation in 2006 to help terminally ill children. Rihanna has performed many concerts to get money for both charities and the Foundation.

We really like Rihanna and we chose her because of her success. We think that she has became a star because she is a pretty young girl with catchy and rhythmic songs.
Once you hear one it is always on your mind !

Naia & Amaia

Katy Perry's life

Katy Perry was born in Sta. Barbara,California,USA and now she's 24.
She has reached the top this year all over the world with her song `I kissed a girl´,included in her last album `one of the boys´.
She grew up listening to gospel music and singing in the church.In 2001 she released a CD,a christian gospel album,but it wasn't really successful.
When her single( I kissed a girl) debuted on the music lists,it reached a big success in just a very few hours,and she managed to be number one in Canada,USA,Ireland,United Kingdom and more countries' music lists,like Billboard Hot 100.
Her best known songs have been cited as homophobic by some people related to music.

I think that song has got to the top just because it's funny and easy to dance,and because of her lyrics she became known between people who really don't like her or her music,but just because of the controversial meaning they started speaking about her and she became famous.It doesn't matter why they are speaking about you,it's important that they just speak about YOU.